Everything you need to know when buying a hair clipper

The life of a modern person is so fleeting that every minute seems an invaluable opportunity to do something beautiful. Everyday worries so absorb that there is practically not enough time to devote to yourself. But what about the appearance? After all, we are in a society where the right clothes, style, and, of course, hairstyle play an important role in the presentation of our own position in society.

According to the principle of operation of the hair clipper, there are:



• operation of rotary models is ensured by a motor;

• operation of cars reaches up to two hours without a break;

• thanks to a powerful engine (20-40 W), they do not heat up at all;

• noise and vibration flows of rotor models are minimal;

• with their help you can cut thick and stiff hair;

• rotary models are equipped with removable cutting knives that are easy to change;

• cars differ in strength to mechanical damages, reliability and durability;

• a wide range of applications allows you to work with machines, both in the beauty salon and at home.


• high cost of the tool. Rotary machines are much higher in price than other models of tools of this type;

• relatively large weight, which initially may seem like a difficult moment in the process of cutting.



• engine operation is carried out using an electromagnetic coil, which provides the action of the blades;

• low weight compared to rotary models.


• high level of noise and vibration;

• low power (9-15 W);

• operating time reaches 15 minutes;

• fixed knives, perhaps the main drawback of these machines. This technology greatly complicates the process of caring for them, sometimes blocks the possibility of cleaning.



• have the smallest level of noise and vibration flows;

• have a small weight;

• these tools work both from the charge of the removable battery and from the mains voltage. Moser models are capable of maintaining the duration and continuity of operation for 90 minutes (in the case of a fully charged battery);

• many models are equipped with a charge power indicator, with the help of which it is easier for the wizard to control the remaining battery life.


• a fully discharged battery blocks the operation of the machine for a certain time, even if it is connected to the network.

Characteristics of the blade material and the speed of the clippers

Every hairdresser knows that when buying a shearing tool, the material from which the cutting knives are made occupies an important place. Many companies make stainless high carbon steel blades. Of significant importance is the spraying of knife blades. Most often, this is diamond or titanium spraying, which extends the life of the product. Diamond coating perfectly copes with cutting, dry or wet hair, providing an accurate cut and ease of work with hair of any structure and stiffness. Titanium spraying does not cause allergic reactions, suitable for sensitive scalp. Look here for additional insights: hair cutting tools

According to the method of nutrition, clipping tools distinguish:

• Network - work is carried out with a network connection.

• Rechargeable - require the presence of additional batteries, the charge of which affects the quality and speed of cutting. Such cars are suitable for road trips or craftsmen who work on the road.

• Battery-network - the most optimal models, because they work due to the battery and using the mains voltage. These tools are great for interior and home use.

Additional haircut tool features

In addition to the basic functional characteristics, when buying a shearing machine, you should pay attention to its design. The attractive appearance of the machine will not only please the eye but also decorate the interior of the house or salon, replenish the arsenal of hairdressing supplies.